USA: Travis AFB Restoration Gets ASTM Greener Cleanup
Travis Air Force Base (AFB) was added to the National Priorities List in 1989 because of contaminated landfills, disposal and spill sites, firefighting training 
and storage tank areas and 23 contaminated groundwater sites. Since 2008, the Travis AFB environmental restoration program has pursued a green and sustainable
(GSR) approach to addressing the contamination. This effort includes use of the ASTM Standard Guide for Greener Cleanups (E2893) as a means to demonstrate
efficiencies of innovative cleanup technologies intended to minimize energy consumption and waste generation while reducing costs. Travis AFB is now the
first U.S. Department of Defense installation to certify use of the ASTM standard for these purposes. Analysis of footprints associated with remediating
the contaminated groundwater indicates that the GSR approach helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 1.8 million pounds each year and is saving the
Air Force approximately $37,000 in electricity costs annually. For more information about the GSR approach at Travis AFB, see ...
For more information about the ASTM standard, see ...
Posted: 03/02/2017 By: Professor Paul Bardos