Public consultation on the review of the Public Sector
Information (PSI) Directive
While the consultation closed December 12th 2017, the documents may be of interest, regards Public Sector data and ifnormation on contaminated land.   
This consultation was to evaluate the implementation of the PSI Directive and seeks views on how to improve accessibility and re-use of public and publicly 
funded data. It also considers access to and re-use of private sector data of public interest. This consultation was divided into three parts: The first part concerns the evaluation of the implementation and functioning of the current EU legislative framework on the re-use of government data. The second part looks into the possible improvements of this framework for the future. The third part reflects the current discussion on the possibility to allow public sector bodies to access and use of private sector data, whenever this would
be justified by public interest considerations. Link: ...
Posted: 05/01/2018 By: Professor Paul Bardos