England Appeal Court Decision on Niger Delta Contamination
In 2017 villagers from the Miger Delta took Royal Dutch Shell to court claiming that they were liable for oil contamination from the alleged liability of Shell 
Nigeria. They took their case to the English Courts on the basis that Royal Dutch Shell (RDS), with its headquarters in London, controlled and directed Shell Nigeria,
a subsidiary of RDS. In January 2017, the High Court ruled that the claim against RDS had no prospect of success and, therefore, that the claim against Shell Nigeria could not proceed.
The Judge held that RDS was merely a holding company which did not exercise any control over its “wholly autonomous” Nigerian subsidiary. The Appeal Court has now ruled on that case (Feb 14th 2018). In a split decision, it has upheld the finding that the English Court does not have jurisdiction
over the claims. This case now seems likely to go to the Supreme Court. An article on Lexicology provides a perspective from the solicitors representing the Niger Delta villagers: https://www.lexology.com/library/detail. ...
Posted: 16/02/2018 By: Professor Paul Bardos