China unveils guideline to win battle against pollution
China has unveiled a guideline to comprehensively enhance ecological and environmental protection and win the battle against pollution of air, water and 
soil. The guideline, published Sunday by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the State Council, specified pollution prevention and
control targets the country expects to achieve by 2020 and beyond. Including: To address soil pollution, China will comprehensively implement the action plan with specific measures taken to control soil pollution and
restore polluted soil, promote classified disposal of waste and enhance prevention and control of solid waste pollution. By 2020, about 90 percent of the polluted farmland can be utilized safely while over 90 percent of the contaminated land will be able to be used safely, according
to the guideline. See: ... and ...
Posted: 25/07/2018 By: Professor Paul Bardos