UK Brexit Position for H2020
If you are considering a H2020 project with a UK partner this document may be of interest to you.  It is produced by the UK government and hosted here (EC Finance 
news page): ... The UK government is committed to ensuring that UK and EU researchers, universities and businesses will be able to continue to collaborate after EU exit.
The government’s priority remains ensuring the draft Withdrawal Agreement is finalised and concluded. This would ensure that UK entities’ right to participate
in Horizon 2020 would be unaffected by the UK’s withdrawal from the EU for the lifetime of projects financed by the current MFF. However, as a responsible government, we are planning for every eventuality to ensure cross-border collaboration in science and innovation can continue
after EU exit in all scenarios. This Q&A sets out how the UK government will seek to ensure collaboration continues through a variety of measures, the following of which are detailed below:
• Focussing on finalising and concluding the Withdrawal Agreement; • The Underwrite Guarantee and the Post EU Exit Guarantee Extension, should this be required; • Facilitating mobility for UK and EU researchers; and • Looking beyond Horizon 2020 to UK participation in Horizon Europe and the future Euratom Research and Training (Euratom R&T) programme. This Q&A is applicable to competitively bid for actions under any parallel Euratom R&T programme.
Posted: 06/09/2018 By: Professor Paul Bardos