Financing models for site remediation
This very useful announcement of four key reports comes from the clu-in TINS service.  It is open access at:  
International Institute for Sustainable Development, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  
The following reports are the outputs of a four-year project on financing models for soil remediation. The project objective is to harness the full range 
of green finance approaches and vehicles to manage the risks associated with contaminated soils and fund their remediation. Learn more at ...
Financing Soil Remediation: Exploring the Use of Financing Instruments to Blend Public and Private Capital Perera, O., L. Wuennenberg, D. Uzsoki, and A. Cuellar. International Institute for Sustainable Development, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 74 pp, 2018 This report presents 17 case studies on a variety of financing instruments that blend public and private capital. Each case study includes a short discussion
on the extent to which each instrument could be used to finance the remediation of contaminated soil. ...
Green Finance Approaches to Soil Remediation: International Examples Furuseth, I.S., K.J. Kammler, W. Chen, F.M. Platjouw, Y. Lin, M. Jartun, T. Larssen, and M.L. Larsen. International Inst. for Sustainable Development/Norwegian Inst. for Water Research. 113 pp, 2018 A remediation strategy intended to ameliorate contamination in a specific area often has different costs and different results when applied to the same
ecosystem type in a different geographic area, depending on project size and regional or country-specific variations in workers' salaries and fuel costs.
Focusing on seven different cases using different financial measures, this report documents and analyzes how different financing instruments have been
used to support soil remediation projects. ...
Financing Models for Soil Remediation in China Dong, Z., A. Qu, Y. Duan, H. Li, Z. Yuan, and Z. Guo. Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning (CAEP), 53 pp, 2018 According to the National Soil Pollution Survey carried out in 2014, over 16% of total soil in China is contaminated. Estimates of the cost of cleaning these
contaminated soils run up to $1.3 trillion USD, more than 10% of China's annual GDP. By examining seven different types of soil remediation projects, this report
presents the state-of-play of current soil remediation financing in China. ...
Posted: 24/10/2018 By: Professor Paul Bardos