Les Déchets : Quelles perspectives et quelle place pour leur recyclage et leur valorisation dans la transition écologique et énergétique ?
Training Type: Conference
Suitable for: Consultants, Developers, Others with an interest in urban land management, Practitioners, Problem holders, Regulators, Students
Provided By: WEBS
Language: French
Venue: Lyon, France, France
Date(s): 19/06/2019 to 20/06/2019
Duration: 1-2 Days
Cost:  (€ EURO)
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Oral presentations requested: No
Poster sessions: No
Activities: No
Exhibition: No
Pre-conference field trips: No
Technical tours/ site visits: No
Post conference field trips: No
Other conference activities: 
Contact: Vincent Limousin
Email:  contact@webs-event.com
Web Link:  http://www.webs-event.com/DOCUMENTS/drv2019.pdf
Submitted by:  Mr Vincent Limousin  Who does what?