IAEA New Strategic Master Plan to Coordinate Remediation
of Uranium Legacy Sites in Central Asia
A Strategic Master Plan published last week is set to help accelerate remediation efforts at former uranium mines in Central Asia. With the necessary funding, 
the highest-priority sites can be remediated in just a few years. The new plan, developed under the leadership of the IAEA in cooperation with experts from the region and international organizations, provides a framework
for carrying out remediation activities in a timely, coordinated, cost-effective and sustainable manner. Building on European Union-funded environmental
impact assessments and feasibility studies and studies completed by Rosatom, the plan defines hotspots and remediation priorities in the region. It also
provides risk assessment and cost estimates. See: https://www.iaea.org/newscenter/news/new ...
and https://nucleus.iaea.org/sites/connect/C ...
Posted: 03/06/2018 By: Professor Paul Bardos