Investment Guarantee Programm
Funding Organisation: aws Austria Wirtschaftsservice
Country of origin: Austria
What type of research is funded? Applied
Projects based on defined research needs (programme driven) or an open call (demand driven)? Demand Driven
Total budget:  0 Million EUROs
Funding rate by programme:  %
Programme start year: 1992
Duration of programme: on going
Programme open for funding of international participation:  No
Programme has ongoing or terminated international projects:  No
Contaminated land-->Cost benefit analysis-->Financial risk assessment
Contaminated land-->Cost benefit analysis-->Tools
Contaminated land-->Wider impacts / sustainability-->Economic
Water resources and their management -->Costs, benefits and sustainability
Contaminated land-->funding
Contaminated land, Cost benefit analysis, Financial risk assessment Contaminated land, Cost benefit analysis, Tools Contaminated land, funding Contaminated 
land, Wider impacts / sustainability, Economic Integrated water resources management, Financial arrangements, Water,
Long Description: 
The aws - Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH - is a special client-oriented bank for administrating the award of grants to Austrian businesses. 
The purpose of the aws is to reinforce Austria as an strong economic location by ensuring its companies remain competitive, guaranteeing jobs over the long-term.
As a company operating on behalf of the Austrian federal government, the aws awards grants and loans to Austrian businesses, advises business people in all
phases of their company's growth and supports and mediates technologies and innovations.

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