TRANSPOL TRANSPOL - Transferts des Polluants dans les Sols et les Nappes

Country: France
Start Date:   1/1/2003         Duration: 72 months         Project Type: Demonstration
Contract Number: 
Organisation Type:  University research group / research institute
Contaminated land-->Contaminants-->Chlorinated aliphatics
Contaminated land-->Contaminants-->Heavy metals
Contaminated land-->Contaminants-->PAH
Contaminated land-->Information management systems-->Predictive modelling
Contaminated land-->Soil and groundwater processes-->Modelling
Project objectives:
The research program TRANSPOL is run by INERIS (the French National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks, It was created to bring 
a better and common practice of the use of transport models for different groups of pollutants. The chosen way to reach this objective is based on the comparison
of the methodologies used by private consultancies, universities and research centers.
Project Summary:
The exercise consists in assessing the existing modelling capabilities (conceptual and numerical) to reproduce a plume of Poly-Aromatics Hydrocarbons, 
heavy metals or chlorinated solvents in aquifer.
Achieved Objectives:
All TRANSPOL results ( PAH, heavy metals and chlorinated solvents)are presented on website :   
For example the first step of the TRANSPOL Organo Chlorinated case ('Cas Réel n°3') was held during 2003 and 2004 :   
Multi-species (PCE, TCE and DCE) model was used for modeling transport (homogeneous and isotropic) and natural attenuation processes occurring at a chlorinated 
solvents release site. Different codes have been employed by four modeling teams (ANTEA, ENSMP, ENVIROS and INERIS). The models intercomparison methodology
was based on comparison between flow and transport calibration results, calibration parameters values, hypothesis respected and natural attenuation phenomenon
considered (particularly sorption and degradation). Results show difficulty to evaluate : - source concentration ; - natural attenuation parameters (sorption and degradation). A more accurate diagnosis is needed in order to reduce the uncertainty of model parameters. Thus more appreciate data would be studying for this year (2005),
concerning : - the hydraulic conductivity ; - the presents distribution of pollutants ; - the location and rate of source term ; - the degradation and sorption rate of each substance.
Product Descriptions:
Reports are available on TRANSPOL website : 
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INERIS Institut National de l'Environnement Industriel et des Risques
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