Title: Urban Contamination and Health 
Resource Type: document --> technical publication --> journal article 
Country: International organisation- network or project 
Year: 2008 
Availability: Environmental Geochemistry & Health v30 n 6 December 2008. 
Author 1/Producer: Andrew Hunt (Editor) 
Author / Producer Type: University research group / research institute 
Publisher: Springer 
Article Weblink (=direct link): http://www.springerlink.com/content/m683t4249538/?p=49ce2c7a ...  
EUGRIS Keyword(s): Contaminated land-->Contaminants-->Heavy metals
Contaminated land-->Information management systems-->Predictive modelling
Contaminated land-->Risk assessment-->Models
Contaminated land-->Site investigation-->Methods
Contaminated land-->Site investigation-->Sampling and analysis
Contaminated land-->Site investigation-->Sampling strategy
Contaminated land-->Site investigation-->Site investigation overview
Diffuse pollution-->Contaminants-->Contaminants overview
Diffuse pollution-->Monitoring
Diffuse pollution-->Processes
Short description: Contents: Lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina , Kevin U. Stephens Geographic sampling of urban soils for contaminant mapping: how many samples and from where, Daniel A. Griffith Urban geochemical mapping studies: how and why we do them, Christopher C. Johnson and E. Louise Ander Human geography of New Orleans’ high-lead geochemical setting, Richard Campanella and Howard W. Mielke Soil lead (Pb) in residential transects through Lubbock, Texas: a preliminary assessment, Ray W. Brown, Chris Gonzales, Michael J. Hooper, Andrew C. Bayat, Ashley M. Fornerette, Tobias J. McBride, Thomas Longoria and Howard W. Mielke Bioavailability of trace metals in brownfield soils in an urban area in the UK, Catherine R. Thums, Margaret E. Farago and Iain Thornton Urban geochemistry: research strategies to assist risk assessment and remediation of brownfield sites in urban areas, I. Thornton, M. E. Farago, C. R. Thums, R. R. Parrish, R. A. R. McGill, N. Breward, N. J. Fortey, P. Simpson, S. D. Young, A. M. Tye, N. M. J. Crout, R. L. Hough and J. Watt Use and abuse of Pb-isotope fingerprinting technique and GIS mapping data to assess lead in environmental studies, N. S. Duzgoren-Aydin and A. L. Weiss A first generation dynamic ingress, redistribution and transport model of soil track-in: DIRT, D. L. Johnson 
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