REA Support for the integration of the Polish Geological Institute's Centre of Excellence: Research of Abiotic Environment in the European Research area

Country: EU Projects
Start Date:   30/11/2002         Duration: 36 months         Project Type: RTD
Contract Number: EVK1-CT-2002-80006
Organisation Type:  EC Project
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Project objectives:
Centre of Excellence: Research on Abiotic Environment - REA, in response to the 'Joint call for proposals for indirect RTD actions...' of the European Commission, 
of 20.09.2001, presented a programme of the EU co-financing of the Centre activities directed to better integration of the Centre the European research area.
It was to be done by improving the links between the Centre and other European centres through organising of and participating in conferences, seminars, and
workshops as well as through scientist exchange, training, networking, and twinning arrangements. To achieve this, the programme REA has been organised into seven, interrelated Work Packages, five of which (WP1-5) represented the leading research themes
of the five Centre's Working Groups. The planned dissemination measures are contained in the separate Work Package (WP-6) as it was the co-ordination measures
(WP-7). Each Work Package consisted of several Tasks, grouping different measures, e.g. conferences (organised or participated in), workshops, training
courses, capacity building, twinning, national networks, international networks etc. The Centre, in the course of executing the programme, will closely co-operate with the on-going research EU co-financed projects, carried out within the
thematic scope of the REA interest, participating in their conferences and workshops as well as inviting and engaging their specialists into seminars organised
by REA. At the same time, the close co-operation with the EU professional staff, their participation in the events organised by REA included, was envisaged.
Project Summary:
REA Centre of Excellence operates since 2001 as part of the Polish Geological Institute, the leading polish geoenvironmental institute. App. 20% of PGI staff 
are engaged in REA's activities. REA is focused on studies on sustainable management of groundwater resources, marine abiotic environment , human-induced
annatural hazards, climatic and environmental changes. REA coordinates abioticenvironement research by: organising conferences and workshops; Polish
andinternational research networks; twining agreements with EU centres ta promoteintegration with these organisations and harmonise its activitles with
EUpriorities; training researches from Poland, NAS and NIS; study visits of REAstaff to other institutions. The programme is organised in 7 WPs: research
themes(WP1-WP5), dissemination (WP6) and coordination (WP7).
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EC Framework Programme 5
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