IMSIS In Situ Monitoring of Landfill Related Contaminants in Soil and Water by Infrared Sensing

Country: EU Projects
Start Date:   28/2/2000         Duration: 44 months         Project Type: RTD
Contract Number: EVK1-CT-1999-00042
Organisation Type:  EC Project
Contaminated land-->Site investigation-->Methods
Diffuse pollution-->Monitoring
Groundwater protection-->Monitoring-->Monitoring overview
Project objectives:
The project aims at monitoring of soil and water for landfill related contamination by an in situ monitoring for soil and water by infrared sensing. A portable 
and rugged system will be developed that will allow sensor elements to be inserted and left in soil locations under the ground for long term monitoring of organic
pollutants. The concept of a buried sensor gives the opportunity to continuously monitor organic pollutants without sampling errors. Since it is important
to monitor pollutants over a long period of time, the sensor system will be optimised with regard to long term stability.
Project Summary:
A new method will be developed for continuous monitoring of landfills and in the design of new ones. The goals of the proposed project are to help prevent ground 
and water contamination. It will be a major contribution to the preservation of the environment and to the implementation of EU policies
Achieved Objectives:
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Product Descriptions:
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Funding Programme(s): 
EC Framework Programme 5
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