BOREMED Boron contamination of water resources in the Mediterranean region: Distribution, sources, social impact and remediation

Country: EU Projects
Start Date:           Duration: 40 months         Project Type: RTD
Contract Number: EVK1-CT-2000-00046
Organisation Type:  EC Project
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Project objectives:
BOREMED aims to: (1) Asses the magnitude of the 'boron problem' with respect to agriculture and EU drinking-water standards (2) Develop a methodology for identifying 
the sources and pathways of boron and salinity (3) Evaluate the health impact of boron in drinking water (4) Develop, test and apply new technologies for boron
removal from contaminated groundwater, waste-water and desalinated sea water (5) Develop water management policy that integrates the technical solutions
with the political and legal institutional setting. The different steps of the project comprise (1) the assessment of boron concentrations in groundwater on supra-national level, (2) the identification
of the reasons of boron contamination, (3) the identification of the pollutant pathways, (4) the evaluation of the impact on health and (5) the development
of technological solutions which will (6) be integrated into a water management tool.
Project Summary:
Contamination by boron endangers Mediterranean water resources used for drinking water and irrigation. BOREMED looks at specific settings in the Mediterranean 
basin in order to develop an approach to the understanding the sources, pathways and fate of boron and salinity in groundwater resources. It will provide solutions
through novel water treatment technologies integrated to water management policies. These objectives will be achieved through (i) assessment of boron contamination,
(ii) evaluation of effects on human health, (iii) development, testing and application of new technologies for boron removal on groundwater, waste-water
and desalinated sea water, (iv) development of problem specific management plans including assessment, remediation and recommendations for compliance
of EU drinking water standards.
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EC Framework Programme 5
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