EUBRA European Brownfield Revitalisation Agenda

Country: Germany
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Organisation Type:  EC Project
Project objectives:
The issue of brownfield revitalisation is a challenging topic of growing importance in our European community. Innovative approaches, new strategies, pilot 
actions and best practice examples are urgently needed and actually under development. However currently an integrated approach is lacking combining the
most outstanding results. EUBRA aims at bringing together the multifaceted activities related to the topic of 'Brownfields' from the several INTERREG co-operation zones. Furthermore
new knowledge of the RDT Framework Programmes will be included.
Project Summary:
Central feature of the EUBRA activity was a workshop, held 15th and 16th January 2007 in Stuttgart, with participants from projects funded under INTERREG or 
RDT and a workshop held during the '2nd International Conference on Managing urban Land' held also in Stuttgart on 25th to 27th April 2007. With regard to the new funding period 2007 - 2013 one main result of the workshop will be the EUBRA agenda. A short and precise booklet summarising the state
of the art as well as future needs in the field of brownfield redevelopment.
Achieved Objectives:
Workshop outputs, development agenda, research ideas forum 
Product Descriptions:
The main objective of the EUBRA Agenda is to support policy makers and programme managers in setting priorities in future national and international funding 
programmes. It is also meant to serve for potential project applicants as orientation guide in order to clearly determine the fields of action at project level
and act as a basis for upcoming projects in order to streamline future activities as well as to avoid duplication of work. Download the Agenda from: Another main output of the workshop is the newly installed virtual marketplace for new project ideas which you are highly welcome to join (
to discuss reserach ideas.
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