Bioremediation LINK Programme
Funding Organisation: 
Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council United Kingdom Full Details
Country of origin: United Kingdom
What type of research is funded? Applied, Basic
Projects based on defined research needs (programme driven) or an open call (demand driven)? Programme Driven
Total budget:  7.5 Million EUROs
Funding rate by programme:  50%
Programme start year: 2001
Duration of programme: 3 years
Programme open for funding of international participation:  No
Programme has ongoing or terminated international projects:  No
Contaminated land-->Remediation options-->Ex situ treatment technologies
Contaminated land-->Remediation options-->In situ treatment technologies
Contaminated land-->Remediation options-->MNA
Contaminated land-->Remediation options-->Permeable reactive barriers
Contaminated land-->Risk assessment-->Risk assessment overview
Contaminated land-->Risk management-->Selection of remediation options
Contaminated land-->Risk management-->Verification
Contaminated land-->Risk management-->Monitoring and aftercare
Contaminated land-->Soil and groundwater processes-->Soil and groundwater processes overview
(1) To understand and exploit natural attenuation in groundwater and soil (demonstration, modelling, prediction, definition of operating window).  
(2) To improve engineered in-situ bioremediation, interfacing microbiology with engineering and hydrogeology; dealing with heterogeneity, improved 
process control and optimisation. (3) To translate the results of laboratory studies into the field (scale-up). (4) To position bioremediation within a risk management framework - bioavailability, risk-based end points and residue behaviour. (5) To develop the ability to monitor in-situ microbial processes. (6) To understand the constraints on in-situ microbial processes. (7) To integrate bioremediation with other technologies. (8) To quantify human health impacts of bioremediation and develop surrogate testing. (9) To address socio-economic issues- perception of bioremediation technologies and decision-support mechanisms.
Long Description: 
The Bioremediation LINK Programme was launched in April 2001 to support the development of technologies that will provide UK industry with the multidisciplinary 
capability necessary to enable the commercial exploitation of biotechnology for the clean up of contaminated land, air and water. The programme closed to new applications in 2004. A diverse portfolio of 12 projects have received around £5M of funding towards total project costs of almost
£10M. Projects will continue to run until autumn 2008.

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Projects Supported by this Programme:

PROMISE Optimising Biopile Processes for Weathered Hydrocarbons Within a Risk Management Framework
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