PhD Studentship Smart nanomaterials for groundwater remediation
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University of Edinburgh United Kingdom Full Details
Country of origin: United Kingdom
What type of research is funded? Applied
Projects based on defined research needs (programme driven) or an open call (demand driven)? Programme Driven
Total budget:  0 Million EUROs
Funding rate by programme:  %
Programme start year: 2008
Duration of programme: 3 years
Programme open for funding of international participation:  No
Programme has ongoing or terminated international projects:  No
Contaminated land-->Remediation options-->Remediation options overview
Contaminated land-->Soil and groundwater processes-->Soil and groundwater processes overview
Environmental engineering, environment, chemistry, materials, agronomy or a related field. 
Long Description: 
A full-time PhD studentship in groundwater remediation is available in the School of Engineering and Electronics at The University of Edinburgh, UK. This 
studentship is fully funded for three years and provides a tax-free stipend (approx. ₤12,500 per annum), plus university fees for UK and EU candidates.
Applications are welcome from enthusiastic and self-motivated candidates with at least a 2.1 Honours degree in engineering, environment, chemistry, materials,
agronomy or a related field. Previous experimental research experience in environmental engineering would be particular welcome. Aquifers hold about 30% of freshwater. Thus, groundwater is an important water resource that we need to protect. Nevertheless, when groundwater is contaminated
simple yet practical solutions have to be developed to clean it. The project will explore new applications enabled by smart nanomaterials in groundwater remediation
and their environmental implications. Research includes the following areas: • Development and characterization of smart nanomaterials. • Applications of smart nanomaterials to remove target contaminants in the aquatic environment. • Processes that control the fate and transport of smart nanomaterials and target contaminants in the aquatic environment under remediation conditions.
• Effect of changing environmental conditions such as pH, temperature and salinity on the fate of smart nanomaterials and contaminants in a porous media
Research facilities are located in the new Rankine Building. The University of Edinburgh has an extensive general skills training program to ascertain
strong career development opportunities for postgraduate research students. For further details please contact Dr Blanca Antizar-Ladislao (e-mail: at the University of Edinburgh by 30 June 2008.

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