RPF Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development
Funding Organisation: Research Promotion Foundation - Contact Person: Mr Nicos Symeonides (Director General) - Address: P.O.Box 23422, 1683, Nicosia, Cyprus - Phone: +357-22660292 - e-mail: ipe@research.org.cy - www: www.research.org.cy
Country of origin: Cyprus
What type of research is funded? Applied
Projects based on defined research needs (programme driven) or an open call (demand driven)? Programme Driven
Total budget:  34 Million EUROs
Funding rate by programme:  75%
Programme start year: 2003
Duration of programme: 3 years
Programme open for funding of international participation:  Yes
Programme has ongoing or terminated international projects:  No
Contaminated land-->Contaminated land overview
Multi-thematic research development, applied researchdevelopment, Infrastructure Development and Research Support, Contaminated land 
Long Description: 
The total budget of 34,000,000 refers to all programmes and thematic priorities and not only for projects on sustainable management of soil and groundwater. 
The funding rate is up to 75%. Partners form other Member States are eligible for up to 30% of the project's budjet. RPF's FP 2003-2005 constitutes a medium-term mechanism that covers all the research activities to be supported and financed by RPF, during the three-year
period 2003 - 2005. The main objective of FP 2003-2005 is to achieve RPF’s targets for this time period, as these have been set by the Foundation’s
Board of Directors. More specifically, these targets are: The improvement of the population’s quality of life The enhancement of the competitiveness of the Cyprus economy The increase of the potential for conducting high level research The promotion of Cypriot participation in international research. RPF's FP 2003-2005 consists of three (3) 'Activity Areas'. Each 'Area' represents the materialization mechanism of one of RPF’s strategic objectives,
as this is recorded in the Foundation’s Constitution. The three Activity Areas are: A: 'Multi-thematic Research Development', which aims at the implementation of multi-thematic research projects. B: 'Applied Research Development', which aims at the development of new products and services for the benefit Cypriot enterprises in all economic sectors.
C: 'Infrastructure Development and Research Support', which aims at helping the upgrading of the research infrastructure, the promotion of research collaborations
and the exploitation of human research potential of Cyprus. Each Activity Area consists of a number of 'Research Programmes'. In total, RPF's FP 2003-2005 includes eleven (11) Research Programmes. Each Programme
has specialised objectives that are achieved through Specific Actions. There is a total of thirty-four (34) specific Actions in RPF's FP 2003-2005. The terms
'Activity Area', 'Research Programme' and 'Specific Action' will be referred to as 'Area', 'Programme' and 'Action', respectively. More details see under http://www.research.org.cy/index.php?s=7 ...

WEB Link: http://www.research.org.cy
Projects Supported by this Programme:

Root WEB Link: http://www.research.org.cy
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