APPRICOD Assessing the Potential of Plastic Recycling in the Construction and Demolition Activities

Country: EU Projects
Start Date:   1/11/2003         Duration: 30 months         Project Type: RTD
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Organisation Type:  EC Project
Project objectives:
The main objectives of this project are :  
  to optimise the selective collection of plastics from construction and demolition (C&D) waste in order to recycle them   
  to assess the associated costs and benefits of the selective collection of the plastics from the C&D waste   
  to disseminate at European level examples of good practices for selective collection and recycling of the plastics from C&D waste.  
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Project Summary:

Achieved Objectives:
The project has now been completed 
Product Descriptions:
The APPRICOD guide 'Towards Sustainable Plastic C&D Waste Management in Europe' is available in 6 languages.  
The objectives of this guide are:   
  to provide information on the technical, environmental and economic aspects of plastic C&D waste management  
  to give an insight into current leading experiences for plastic C&D waste sorting and recycling based on the European and specific national legal and financial 
frameworks to learn from the experience of the pilot projects carried out at local and regional level as part of the Life Project “APPRICOD”. These pilot projects aimed
to implement a variety of scenarios for sorting and selectively collecting plastic C&D waste to draft practical recommendations for public authorities, esp. local and regional authorities, and good practices for the C&D sector with the common objective
of promoting plastic C&D waste sorting and recycling
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EC Framework Programme 6
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