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Organisation:  AccountAbility
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Organisation Outline:
AccountAbility is a non-profit, membership organization established in 1995 to promote accountability innovations that advance responsible business 
practices, and the broader accountability of civil society and public organizations. Its 350 members include businesses, NGOs and research bodies, and elect our international Council, which includes representatives from Brazil, India,
North America, Russia, South Africa and Europe. AccountAbility’s leading-edge accountability innovations have included several ‘world firsts’: the AA1000 Series Sustainability Assurance and Stakeholder
Engagement Standards, the Partnership Governance and Accountability Framework, the Responsible Competitiveness Index covering the links between responsible
business practices and the competitiveness of over 80 countries, and, in collaboration with CSRNetwork, the Accountability Rating, of the world’s largest
companies published annually with Fortune International. AccountAbility is Convenor of the MFA Forum, an international alliance of business, international development agencies, NGOs and labour organizations
working on the links between national competitiveness and labour standards in global supply chains. AccountAbility and the Centre for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College are co-founders and convenors with IBM and GE of the Global Leadership Network,
an international network of leading businesses committed to building alignments of corporate responsibility to business strategy by advancing joint learning
and relevant analytic tools and benchmarking. Relates to CSR - Corprorate Social Responsibility