BRIDGE Background cRiteria for the IDentification of Groundwater thrEsholds

Country: EU Projects
Start Date:   1/1/2005         Duration: 24 months         Project Type: Concerted Action
Contract Number: 006538 (SSPI)
Organisation Type:  EC Project
Contaminated land-->Risk assessment-->Receptor: Water
Contaminated land-->Wider impacts / sustainability-->Economic
Contaminated land-->Wider impacts / sustainability-->Social
Groundwater protection-->Groundwater protection overview
Water resources and their management -->Stresses, quality and ecological status
Water resources and their management -->Water resources and their management Overview
Project objectives:
Work-package 1: Survey of representative groundwater pollutants Project launching and co-ordination  
The aim of this work-package is to describe the state of the art of natural and anthropogenic substances in groundwater (behaviour, ((eco)-toxicological 
effects, interactions with surface waters and ecosystems). All information collected will be included in a reference data base, including key words and brief
abstracts. This data base will be the major input from WP1 to WP2. It will permit to better define impacts of pollutants to groundwater bodies. It is also a major
input to WP3 to assess the conceptual model and methodology. Work-package 2: Study of groundwater characteristics The WP2 will focus on a holistic description of the specific criteria linked to the groundwater bodies to be potentially taken into account to characterise
their chemical status. It will be the basis for the development of an approach for establishment of environmental thresholds. It will benefit from WP1 database
about chemical pollutants. The characterisation of ground waters and the behaviour of key parameters obtained by this WP will be used by WP3 to define the methodology
of threshold determination. Results of WP2 will be also used for socio-economic assessment of case studies testing (WP5). Work-package 3: Criteria for environmental thresholds and methodology to define a good status The aim of this WP is to propose a practical approach for a methodology to define the good status for groundwater bodies and a general structure of criteria,
giving guidance on the derivation process for environmental thresholds. Th work is done refering to data and information from the 'upstream' work packages
(WP1 and WP2) and the drafted methodology will be transferred to the 'downstream' work packages for a validation by case studies (WP4), socio-economic assessment
(WP5) and to inform policy makers and stakeholders (WP6). Work-package 4: Representative sites / water body studies and compliance testing The work package will have to evaluate the developed approach and application of environmental thresholds recommended in BRIDGE WP3 at selected European
representative sites. Results will be transferred to WP5 and WP6 for economic assessment and communication respectively. Work-package 5: Economic and social costs linked to the establishment of groundwater threshold values WP5 will support the identification of economically efficient threshold values for groundwater pollutants based on socio-economic impact assessment
procedures. It needs results from WP2, WP3 and WP4 (as previously described). Economic and social costs impacts will permit the final synthesis of one pragmatic
methodology (WP3) and for general communication (WP6). Work-package 6: Information and dissemination The specific objective of Work Package 6 is to stimulate the cooperation and interaction between the the different partners, the Advisory Committee, the
Working Group C and the European Commission. It takes charge of the general communication of the Bridge project. This WP will benefit of inputs for each WP in
order to display efficient communication between partners in the project and with policy makers and stakeholders to obtain a real consensus about proposed
Project Summary:
See project objectives 
Achieved Objectives:
Publicly available deliverables  
Brief Project Presentation  
Project Presentation  
Newsletter BRIDGE  
D10 BRIDGE (WP2): Impact of hydrogeological conditions on pollutant behaviour in groundwater and related ecosystems    
D 7 BRIDGE (WP1): Behaviour and effects of groundwater pollutants             
D12 BRIDGE proposal for a methodology frame_final.pdf     
D13 BRIDGE WP3 National Monitoring Strategies_final.pdf   
D14 Report on National Methodologies for Environmental Threshold Values  
 D15 BRIDGE Preliminary Methdology to derive Environmental Threshold Values   
D31 BRIDGE Working Plan Report of WP6   
D33 BRIDGE project presentation  
D4 BRIDGE Work plan for information search  
D5 BRIDGE Reference Bas  
D5 BRIDGE: Reference overview of EU-funded research, national reports and literature relevant to environmental thresholds 
Product Descriptions:
See achieved objectives 
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EC Framework Programme 6
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Umweltbundesamt (Environmental Protection Agency)
European Environment Agency
BRGM - Geosciences pour une Terre durable (Geosciences for a sustainable Earth)
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