NEW! Delta NEW! Delta: Ports and Nature, Striking a New Balance

Country: EU Projects
Start Date:   1/1/2003         Duration: 54 months         Project Type: Other
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Organisation Type:  EC Project
Project objectives:
The NEW! Delta project balances improving the environment on the one hand and economic growth on the other. Against the background of the European Birds and 
habitats Directives, the NEW! Delta project seeks to foster the protection of the Natura 2000 sites as an integral part of economic port and estuary edvelopment.
At the same time NEW! Delta provides opportunities for social, economic and maritime benefits.
Project Summary:
The NW European region contains some of the world’s busiest ports, many of which are located next to coastal areas of world ecological importance. Increasing 
sea traffic requires larger ports with deeper harbours and extended breakwaters, which is likely to increase pressure on already fragile habitats. The objective
of the 6.75 M euro NWE Delta project, which is led by the Province of South Holland, is to foster the growth of ports across the region while enhancing adjacent
coastal environments. The main two projects will be the creation of bird breeding and foraging grounds at the port of Antwerp and the restoration of dunes in
the Netherlands’ De Zilk area. NWE Delta will also develop guidance on sustainable dredging strategies. The need to maintain Europe’s common competitive
position requires trans-national co-operation between NW Europe’s ports, which will benefit from sharing lessons in managing the often unpredictable consequences
of development on sensitive environments. The project consists of 10 partners from 4 countries in North-West Europe (England, France, Belgium and The Netherlands), being port authorities, (regional)
administrations and knowledge and research institutions. Lead partner is the Provincie Zuid-Holland (NL). The NEW! Delta project will be implemented in
the area from Haute-Normandie and the French coast to the neighbouring Belgian and Dutch coasts up to the Provinces of South and North Holland and right across
the West North Sea and the Channel, in the south UK coast.
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Issues and System Understanding in dredging management, Review of existing practices in dredging management of partner countries
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