BRODISE Brownfield Decontamination In Southern Europe

Country: EU Projects
Start Date:   1/2/2015         Duration: 18 months         Project Type: Demonstration
Contract Number: 642045
Organisation Type:  EC Project
Contaminated land-->management&admin
Project objectives:
Not specified on the project web page, but connected with procurement approaches for remediation 
Project Summary:
(not available from the project web site)   
Public procurement represents +/-19% of the EUís GDP. Historically a small and slower uptake of innovations has been   
witnessed along with the fragmentation of publ demand.. PE represents a fundamental driver of innovation and   
competitiveness.Urban regeneration conducted by Bilbao confirms that the development of mixed formulas publ-priv for   
projects of mutual interest entails higher quality, effectiveness+efficiency in the management of publ services.   
Innovation procurement of products and services can (i) be used to deliver societal objectives requiring new solutions   
not available on the market or too expensive (ii) solve problems related the commercialization of innovative solution   
(iii) improve quality+efficiency of publ services with better value 4 $. It is clearly set by the BRODISE project.   
Objectives:Mobilize publ+priv purchasers+cities networks of cities in SD, , to understand in-depth the technology state   
of the art and the innovation gap to be addressed by significant R&D,Structure+design a pcp initiative, leveraging the   
complementarity of the partners for bringing together the demand so create a critical mass for acquire cost-effective   
solutions, whilst creating new jobs and opportunities for business growth in Europe, specially SMEs. The driver is   
essentially economic. A complex challenge-based approach has been assumed by the consortium to:Confirm and   
describe a real technological demanding problem that impact negatively on the PE and on quality of life for all; Avoid the   
hyper-fragmentation of PP, pre-determine the condition for the development of new EU standard; Predetermine a   
competitive market, also enabling and preparing the participation of new players, Enable knowledge sharing.At the end   
the procurers will be able to lunch PCP and an earlier reality check of industry R&D Undertake efficient solutions for   
brownfields SD through PCP are: Decontaminate the entire brownfield, coordinate resources,use the most advanced   
innovative decont techniques.   
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