REGENERATIS REGENERATIon of Past Metallurgical Sites and Deposits through innovative circularity for raw materials

Country: EU Projects
Start Date:   26/9/2019         Duration: 42 months         Project Type: Other
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Organisation Type:  Standards association
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Project objectives:
REGENERATIS aims to increase the reuse of raw material from Past Metallurgical Sites and Deposits (PMSD) and to reduce the volume of waste generated in NWE.REGENERATIS 
provides knowledge & tools to screen PMSD and demonstrates in real life conditions, the evidence-based innovative solution to select sites and adapted processes
for recovering significant amounts of unused metallic raw materials, soils and land resources.The beneficiaries are PMSD owners/managers & raw materials
users, etc.
Project Summary:
REGENERATIS demonstrate and implement a new economic model, delivers an Harmonized Inventory Structure for PMSD, a new cost-effective Geophysical Characterisation 
Method (GCM), an open source tool SMARTIX (based on AI), 2 innovative uses of waste processes for Raw material recovered from PMSD, demonstrated on sites. SMARTIX
is implemented on 9 PMSD in NWE (100ha of future regenerated land) by 9 users.The GCM - demonstrated on 3 sites.800t of materials recovered.20 entreprises receive
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