Title: www.ribeka.com GW-Base The Groundwatermonitoring an GIS-System 
Resource Type: software --> database 
Country: Germany 
Language(s): English
Year: 2004 
Availability: info@ribeka.com http://www.ribeka.com 
Producers or distributor ribeka Software GmbH 
Author / Producer Type: Owners of land and water resources - Public Sector 
Web link for product information: http://www.ribeka.com  
EUGRIS Keyword(s): Contaminated land-->Information management systems-->Data storage
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Short description: GW-Base, the professional and most used groundwatermonitoringssystem inkl. GIS, Mobile dataentry 
Long description: GW-Base The most used Groundwatermonitoringsystem Suitable evaluation of groundwater information for use in water management and in monitoring, investigation and sanitation of damage cases The ideal GIS-application and database for professional and quick work on water management tasks resource management grounwater monitoring well register ground water exploration provision of drinking water groundwater purification In working on groundwater problems, be it the investigation, sanitation or monitoring of damage cases, or the management of groundwater reservoirs, it is scarcely possible to maintain an overview of the amount of groundwater-relevant data accruing over a timespan of years. Data about single observation wells within a network, about wells, about well constructions, filter channels, about aquifers, geology, information about observations well measurements, groundwater levels, chemical and physical parameters. On the one hand, the amount of information about small investigation and observation areas is enormous. On the other hand, there is a continually increasing demand on the nature of the necessary report. This means that this information must not only be collected, archived and edited, but also that it be made available to authorities, clients and the public in a processed, analyzed and meaningful form. GW-Base includes and administrates all information arising within the framework of a groundwater surveillance, no matter if it has to do with a water protection zone, a groundwater damage case, a sanitation or a disposal site. 
Submitted By: Erich Berger WhoDoesWhat?      Last update: 24/11/2004

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