Title: Afforest Decision Support System 
Resource Type: software --> decision support tools 
Country: EU Projects 
Year: 2004 
Availability: Vesterdal, L. (2004) Afforest Decision Support System, The Danish Forest and Landscape Research Institute, Denmark Zipped file (AFFOREST-sDSS) directly downloadable from: http://www.sl.kvl.dk/afforest/ 
Producers or distributor Afforest Consortium 
Author / Producer Type: EC Project 
Web link for product information: http://www.sl.kvl.dk/afforest/  
EUGRIS Keyword(s): Soil-->Soil Overview
Short description: The AFFOREST-sDSS should provide help to policy makers and afforestation planners to plan new forests on former arable soils in the environmentally most suitable way. However, the system can also be used for e.g. training sessions, university course work, and workshops. For more advanced use, experience with the ArcView GIS 3.2X software and the data formats used by this software is recommended. 
Link to Project(s): AFFOREST Afforestation management in north-western Europe - influence on nitrogen leaching, groundwater recharge, and carbon sequestration
Submitted By: Dr Stefan Gödeke WhoDoesWhat?      Last update: 23/08/2009

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