Title: A Multidisciplinary Assessment of Prioritized Soil Pollutants on the Impact on the Terrestrial Aquatic Environment. 
Resource Type: document --> technical publication --> journal article 
Country: Sweden 
Year: 2007 
Availability: AMBIO: A Journal of the Human Environment Journal: AMBIO: A Journal of the Human Environment (0044-7447) Volume: 36 Issue: 6 
Author 1/Producer: Mats Tysklind 
Other Authors/Producers: Åberg, Annika, Back, Pär-Erik, Berglind, Rune, Bergvall, Martin. Björn, Erik. Drott, Andreas. Frankki, Sofia. Frech, Wolfgang. Grip, Harald. Gustavsson, Björn. Haglund, Peter. Hanberg, Annika, Heijne, Patrik von. Heinemo, Sven-Åke, Holmström, Henning, Johnson, Torbjörn, Karlsson, Torbjörn, Kumpiene, Jurate, Lambert, Iain B. Lambertsson, Lars, Larsson, Tom, Laudon, Hjalmar, Lättström, Anders, Leffler, Per, Lemieux, Christine L. Lidelöw, Sofia, Lövgren, Lars, Lundstedt, Staffan, Luthbom, Karin, Lynes, Krista D. MacLeod, Matt. Maurice, Christian, McKone, Thomas E., Norberg, Tommy, Öberg, Lars, Persson, Ylva, Ragnvaldsson, Daniel, Rosén, Lars, Rydvall, Björn, Sjöström, Jan, Skyllberg, Ulf, Tesfalidet, Solomon, Tysklind, Mats White, Paul A. Wiberg, Karin 
Author / Producer Type: University research group / research institute 
Publisher: The Royal Swedish Academy of Science 
Publisher City: Stockholm, Sweden 
ISSN: ISSN 0044-7447 
Article Weblink (=direct link): http://ambio.allenpress.com/perlserv/?request=get-toc&issn=0 ...  
EUGRIS Keyword(s): Contaminated land-->Contaminants-->Chlorinated aliphatics
Contaminated land-->Contaminants-->PAH
Contaminated land-->Cost benefit analysis-->Tools
Contaminated land-->Remediation options-->Remediation options overview
Contaminated land-->Site investigation-->Sampling and analysis
Contaminated land-->Site investigation-->Sampling strategy
Groundwater protection-->Groundwater processes-->Contaminant hydrology
Groundwater protection-->Groundwater processes-->Geochemistry
Groundwater protection-->Groundwater processes-->Hydrogeology
Short description: Thematic Issue with eleven separate articles based on research in the projects MCN (Northern Sweden Soil Remedation Center) and FRIST (Chalmers University of Technlogy). 
Long description: List of included articles: Techniques for the Stabilization and Assessment of Treated Copper-, Chromium-, and Arsenic-contaminated Soil. Christian Maurice, Sofia Lidelöw, Björn Gustavsson, Anders Lättström, Daniel Ragnvaldsson, Per Leffler, Lars Lövgren, Solomon Tesfalidet, Jurate Kumpiene, pages 430-436. Net Methylmercury Production as a Basis for Improved Risk Assessment of Mercury-contaminated Sediments. Ulf Skyllberg, Andreas Drott, Lars Lambertsson, Erik Björn, Torbjörn Karlsson, Torbjörn Johnson, Sven-Åke Heinemo, Henning Holmström, pages 437-442. Recent Advances in Mercury Speciation Analysis with Focus on Spectrometric Methods and Enriched Stable Isotope Applications. Erik Björn, Tom Larsson, Lars Lambertsson, Ulf Skyllberg, Wolfgang Frech, pages 443-451. Mobility of Chloroaromatic Compounds in Soil: Case Studies of Swedish Chlorophenol-contaminated Sawmill Sites. Sofia Frankki, Ylva Persson, Lars Öberg, Ulf Skyllberg, Mats Tysklind, pages 452-457. Model Selection and Evaluation for Risk Assessment of Dioxin-contaminated Sites. Karin Wiberg, Annika Åberg, Thomas E. McKone, Mats Tysklind, Annika Hanberg, Matt MacLeod, pages 458-466. Methods for Treating Soils Contaminated with Polychlorinated Dibenzo-p-Dioxins, Dibenzofurans, and Other Polychlorinated Aromatic Compounds. Peter Haglund, pages 467-474. Sources, Fate, and Toxic Hazards of Oxygenated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) at PAH- contaminated Sites. Staffan Lundstedt, Paul A. White, Christine L. Lemieux, Krista D. Lynes, Iain B. Lambert, Lars Öberg, Peter Haglund, Mats Tysklind, pages 475-485. Value of Information Analysis in Remedial Investigations. Pär-Erik Back, Lars Rosen, Tommy Norberg, pages 486-493. Environmental Hazard Screening of a Metal-polluted Site Using Pressurized Liquid Extraction and Two In Vitro Bioassays. Daniel Ragnvaldsson, Rune Berglind, Mats Tysklind, Per Leffler, pages 494-501. Improving Soil Investigations at Brownfield Sites Using a Flexible Work Strategy and Screening Methods Inspired by the US Environmental Protection Agency's Triad Approach. Christian Maurice, Björn Gustavsson, Daniel Ragnvaldsson, Björn Rydvall, Rune Berglind, Peter Haglund, Torbjörn Johnson, Per Leffler, Karin Luthbom, Patrik von Heijne, pages 502-511. Contaminant Transport in a Municipal Drinking Water Supply: A Steady-state Approach to Estimate Rate and Uncertainty. Martin Bergvall, Harald Grip, Jan Sjöström, Hjalmar Laudon, pages 512-519. 
Link to Project(s): MCN Northern Sweden Soil Remediation Center
Link to Organisation(s): Umeå University
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