Title: Trichloroethylene: Parkinsonism and complex 1 mitochondrial neurotoxicity 
Resource Type: document --> technical publication --> journal article 
Country: USA 
Year: 2008 
Availability: Annals of Neurology 63 (2) 184-192 DOI 10.1002/ana.21288 
Author 1/Producer: Don M. Gash 
Other Authors/Producers: Kathryn Rutland, Naomi L. Hudson, Patrick G. Sullivan, Guoying Bing, Wayne A. Cass, Jignesh D. Pandya, Mei Liu, Dong-Yong Choi, Randy L. Hunter, Greg A. Gerhardt, Charlie D. Smith, John T. Slevin, T. Scott Prince 
Author / Producer Type: University research group / research institute 
Article Weblink (=direct link): http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/cgi-bin/abstract/11787084 ...  
EUGRIS Keyword(s): Contaminated land-->Contaminants-->Chlorinated aliphatics
Contaminated land-->Risk assessment-->Receptor: Human health
Short description: EXTRACT: Neurological evaluations were conducted on the 30 coworkers, including a general physical and neurological examination and the Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale. In addition, fine motor speed was quantified and an occupational history survey was administered. Next, animal studies were conducted to determine whether trichloroethylene exposure is neurotoxic to the nigrostriatal dopamine system that degenerates in Parkinson's disease. The experiments specifically analyzed complex 1 mitochondrial neurotoxicity because this is a mechanism of action of other known environmental dopaminergic neurotoxins. 
Submitted By: Professor Paul Bardos WhoDoesWhat?      Last update: 21/03/2008

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