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Short description: Health Criteria Values (HCV) describe the levels at which long-term human exposure to chemicals in soil is tolerable or poses a minimal risk. We use different types of HCV. We use the term “Tolerable Daily Intake (TDI)” when we do not think that harm will occur unless there is a certain amount of exposure to the substance. We call these substances “threshold substances”. We adapt this TDI to take into account background exposure from non-soil sources such as food and drinking water. This adapted TDI is called the Tolerable Daily Soil Intake (TDSI). We use the TDSI to derive Soil Guideline Values for 'threshold substances'. We use the term “Index Dose (ID)” when we consider that any exposure to the substance, no matter how small, will carry some level of risk. We call these substances “non-threshold substances”. In line with current standard practice, the ID is not adapted to take into account background exposure from non-soil sources. We use the ID to derive Soil Guideline Values for 'non-threshold substances'. 
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