Title: Communicating Understanding of Contaminated Land Risks 
Resource Type: document --> technical publication --> report 
Country: United Kingdom 
Year: 2010 
Availability: Final Report, Project UKLQ13, May 2010 
Author 1/Producer: SNIFFER 
Author / Producer Type: Agency, regulator or other governmental or inter-governmental body 
Report / download web link (=direct link): http://www.sniffer.org.uk/Webcontrol/Secure/ClientSpecific/R ...  
Format (e.g. PDF): PDF 
EUGRIS Keyword(s): Contaminated land-->Risk management-->Risk management overview
Contaminated land-->Risk management-->Strategies
Contaminated land-->Wider impacts / sustainability-->Social
Short description: EXTRACT: Communicating about land contamination and proposed remediation solutions is exceedingly complex and often emotionally charged because of the potentially serious implications of the problem, the diverse range of people involved and competing priorities. Effective risk communication is not just about convincing people about what you perceive as the „real‟ risk following a technical risk assessment, but must be based on an understanding that people will have different perceptions of the risk as a result of their own situation and values. 
Long description: Update of a 1999 publication (see: http://www.eugris.info/DisplayResource.asp?ResourceID=3835) 
Submitted By: Professor Paul Bardos WhoDoesWhat?      Last update: 24/06/2010

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