Title: Water challenges for a changing world  
Resource Type: web links 
Language(s): English
Producers or distributor European Commission 
Author / Producer Type: Agency, regulator or other governmental or inter-governmental body 
Producer country: European Union 
Producer or distributor web link (root): http://www.waterjpi.eu/water-jpi/
Web link for product information: http://www.waterjpi.eu/water-jpi/  
EUGRIS Keyword(s): Water and sanitation-->Water and sanitation Overview
Water resources and their management -->Water resources and their management Overview
Short description: Joint Programming Initiative “Water challenges for a changing world” which aims at tackling the ambitious challenge of achieving sustainable water systems for a sustainable econonomy in Europe and abroad through a multidisciplinary approach  
Long description: This Joint Programming Initiative will mobilise existing RDI programmes to harmonise their research agendas and infrastructures, defining common research needs and developing synergistic joint activities that increase their efficiency by avoiding duplications  
Submitted By: Professor Paul Bardos WhoDoesWhat?      Last update: 31/10/2012

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